A Day in the Life Blog Circle: April

Thanks for checking out my blog!  This month, I spent the day with my 3 year old son, Jonah.  My daughter, Sarah, went on an overnight trip with my husband and I got to spend a day 1:1 with my son.  My husband and I like to do that from time to time to give the kids individual attention.

Jonah has been really wanting to go to the zoo.  He has been talking about the penguins and the lions and of course the carousel! It was a beautiful sunny day, so I decided to take him to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI.  We still have a free zoo in Madison and its fantastic!  We love that its free so we feel like we can visit it as often as we want to, sometimes just to see a couple animals.  Since we go so often, both Jonah and I know our way around the zoo.  We started off with the primates.


zoo2wm Zoo3WM


We then made our way to look for the penguins.



But unfortunately, they weren’t swimming. We  did see them at the top.

Next we headed back over to the Rhinos.  My daughter Sarah has a stuffed rhino which she affectionately calls “Scuffy” so Jonah was excited to see the “Scuffys.”

Zoo5WM o


We carried on and saw the giraffes which unfortunately were inside, and the flamingos, which were inside too.  And then he spotted the otters.  The otter was adorable as he was doing backflips off the rocks.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of that as it drew quite a crowd.  We did go to the other side of the tank and here Jonah is hoping the otter will swim to this side where he can see it better.



After that, we went into the reptile house.  Jonah saw frogs, snakes and a bee exhibit.  He was enamored with how the bees moved through the hive.

Zoo8WM Zoo9WM


On the way back to the entrance, we watched the seals for a bit.



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Madison Area Photographer: Cooper

I had the pleasure to photograph this young man, Cooper, who recently turned 1 year old.  It was a cold January day, but we were warm inside the beautiful suburban home of his grandmother.  He took me on a tour of the home as we explored every corner!  He is a very active and very happy little guy who seemed to enjoy every moment!

He really seemed to enjoy my box

12wm 10WM 6WM - Copy (2)


And looking out the window….




Then he found mommy’s phone…

48wm 43WM


He played with his truck….

54WM 53wm

And then decided to show me around upstairs…..


75wm 69wm 67wm

And then we headed back downstairs to play some more on the floor.

85WM 79wm 65WM


And through the whole session, I was enamored by his little feet and hands



His beautiful blonde curls that I hope he keeps forever!



And his incredible blue eyes!



Whew!  We sure had a fun time!  What an adorable little guy!


Madison area photographer: The M Family

I love photographing kids, but especially this age!  The are starting to lose their babyish features and seem to have more of a gracefulness, but they can still be silly and carefree!  I love that they haven’t developed self-consciousness about their looks!  And that they are game to try your silly ideas!  These 2 girls did wonderful!  They are sisters and look adorable together. This was a pretty cold day in late December, just before Christmas, and we decided to take advantage of the snowy backgrounds instead of just staying inside.  The girls were great outside, not complaining about the cold at all and showing me genuine smiles galore!  This is a great age and a great family!

You’re never too old for kisses from mom and dad!

23WM 22WM


So nice to have a sister to share your secrets with!




cropped-24.jpg 26WM

Hot chocolate is a great way to warm up!  Especially in hand painted cups!

34WM 35WM 31WM 29WM


Snow  sessions are a lot of fun!  If you are interested in booking a snow session or any other type of child/family session, please contact me!

August Lensbaby Circle

I’m back in the Lensbaby Circle, inspired by a workshop on Clickin Moms this month by Jen Foster.  I took the lensbaby out to several locations to play.

First, we went to the Madison Mallard’s game together.  This is a minor league game played by college students  who play for their colleges during the school year and spend the summer playing for the Mallards.  If you are local to Madison, WI, and have never been to one, I highly recommend going.  I don’t even really like baseball all that much but there is so much going on during the game!  My kids love going!  Here are a few photos I took at the game with my Lensbaby Muse at f/5.6.  Oh, and they won the game of course!






Then, we went to a sunflower field!  What a fantastic find that was!



Finally, we went to Devil’s Lake in Baraboo, WI.  One of my son’s favorite things to do at the beach is dig.  He can sit and dig holes in the sand for hours!  It was a beautiful warm summer day and we all had a lot of fun.









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Day 176 Playing in Sarah’s Room

Sarah was at a birthday party with her daddy today and Jonah took the opportunity to play in her bedroom.  She has these great magnet blocks, and actually some are his too (but she received another set for her birthday so most are hers) but when they play with them together, Jonah likes to build and then knock them down and that frustrates Sarah.  Consequently, he doesn’t get to play with them much.  I suggested that we play with them and he eagerly agreed.  We built a house for a stuffed giraffe and he enjoyed stacking triangles.  He was sitting in beautiful light so I took the opportunity to take some black and white photographs of him.

Jonahblocks1WM Jonahblocks2WM Jonahblocks3WM