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Madison Area Newborn Photographer Introduces Baby P

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby girl.

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She was already 2 months old and was visiting her grandmother’s house when I captured these beautiful photos.  Baby P was quit wide awake at first, as any 8 week old baby generally is, but with patients, peace and quiet, and luck, I was able to lull her into a peaceful deep sleep and get those sleepy newborn poses.

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Don’t hesitate to set up  your own newborn photos, even if you think the baby is too old.  We can talk about it and at least give it a try.  I didn’t promise Baby P’s parents anything, but we were happy when her eyelids started to become heavy and her breathing slow, deep and steady.  However, wide awake photos are absolutely precious and priceless as well.


Those beautiful eyes staring back at you will make your heart melt for years to come so my goal is to get some sleepy shots and some wide awake shots, and as always, the baby is ultimately in the driver’s seat, I just follow their lead!  Sometimes the pathway they lead me down proves to be much more interesting than the one I would have chosen.

Thank you Lil’ Miss P for spending the morning with me!


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